Eating that’s Good News for the earth


In some ways Western food consumers have never had it so good – or so bad. The world is producing more food than ever before, but many of our citizens are forced to use food banks. And how we eat is now undermining our health and the health of our planet. Diet is now the biggest source of premature death in the world. We have more obese and overweight people than people who are hungry. Animal production is responsible for a third of all of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions. And food production is a major source of degradation of water, soil and biodiversity. 87% of global fish stocks are over-exploited or fully-exploited. Global food waste, despite rising awareness, continues to be out of control. Food is the biggest employer on the planet, yet is too often characterised by low wages. Of the £200bn we spend on food each year, less than 10% goes to farmers. We need a new eating culture and diets need to be transformed. So, what does a healthy sustainable diet look like for the 21st century?

Suskes (Sustainable Keswick) and Keswick St John Church are hosting a study day that will explore the complex issues around ‘sustainable diets’.

Tuesday 4 July 2017
Venue: Keswick St John Church
Ambleside Road, Keswick CA12 4DD

2.30-5.30 pm Afternoon Workshop: A sustainable dinner plate for the future?
6.00 pm Shared Meal (local, sustainable, healthy)
7.30-9.30 pm Evening Talk: What’s up with food and how can we make it better?
Led by Pamela Mason
(Co-author, with Professor Tim Lang, of Sustainable Diets: how ecological nutrition can transform consumption and the food system, Routledge 2017)

Cost: Workshop £2.50, Meal £5.00, Talk £2.50
(£7.50 for all three)

Workshop and Talk open to all

Booking for meal essential: contact Revd Dr Julie Nelson,
41 Blencathra Street, Keswick CA12 4HX, 017687 80221




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